Turkuaz Center

We have been commissioned to develop a new head office building concept with additional commercial spaces at the crossroads between Al-Farabi Avenue and Dostyk Avenue in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Through our studies of the site and the potential of the project, we devised the concept of an elevated office building overlooking the lively adjacent avenues and, at the same time, representing an attractive landmark. Elevating the offices enabled us to plan public and restaurant facilities on the ground floor. To facilitate access to these public facilities, we introduced an immersive, terraced landscape, allowing people to sit outdoors, in a lush green garden away from the busy road, without being cut off from the vibrant public street.
The elevating of the ground floor created an exposed, sub-ground-floor level, freeing up an additional floor for commercial purposes with direct access to the street.

The prominent building shape was influenced by the idea that this would not be an ordinary, disconnected office block, but a design that engages with its surroundings. Instead of creating a harsh, sharp corner separating the two main avenues, we introduced a soft curve composed of transparent, modular façade elements to create a strong visual interaction, connecting building interiors and their users with the city.

Project Data

Location Almaty, Kazakhstan
Function Office
Size 9000 m2
Year 2016
Client Municipality of Antalya
Collaboration Dome+Partners

Building designs that support the idea of office work beingfar far more than a desk activity. 

The soft curve, elevated public garden, transparent façade elements and street connections make this a truly interactive building design.

The base

The center

The top